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AVERE is a unique forum for exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas. Members are not only from different European countries but also offer different perspectives as researchers, car producers,
service providers, users etc.


AVERE serves its members in relaying information to and from European institutions. European EV-related projects benefit from AVEREs help, and AVERE can help members when applying for European projects.


Learning and sharing best practice between AVERE members can be very helpful for example in developing new policies on national or city levels. Learn from others mistakes and successes.


The AVERE network facilitates the search for the right knowledge but also the search for the right partner in your projects.


AVERE organizes conferences, meetings and workshops. Be welcome on behalf of your organisation to learn and to share your story, successes and concerns. And share the commitment and passion for an electric future!


AVERE – founded in 1978 - is a European network of members including Users, NGO’s, Associations, Interest groups, Public Institutions, Research & Development entities, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers and other relevant Companies.

AVERE Vision

AVERE’s electromobility vision for Europe is :
A strong electromobility industry.
Clean, quiet and healthy cities.
Energy efficient transport.
Independence of fossil fuels.

AVERE Activities

AVERE activities include:
Advocacy to EU commission & Institutions to promote electromobility.
Build information and data at European level for electromobility.
Networking, conferences and manifestations.

AVERE Projects

AVERE participates in several European projects aimed at promoting the development of electric vehicles and has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of co-operation between companies and European institutions.


Electric Vehicles technology and market is in rapid development.
Where is it going?

Life Cycle Assessment

The Scorecard for EVs is excellent and
continuously improving.
Interview with
Professor Joeri  Van Mierlo

Market development

Exponential growth leads to brutal disruption, but how fast?
One forecast from July 2017
by BNEF.

Message from the President

About the EV evolution and AVERE's role and vision, interview given to Pan European Networks.

Passion to Electrify

Share the commitment for electric vehicles for a greener future. 

Read here our World Electrical Vechicle Journal : WEVJ


AVERE has different membership categories, ranging from the full membership as National Section to Affiliate, Associate or Partner members.
Find here the links to the webpages of our National Sections, if you have questions concerning other countries please contact AVERE directly

Belgium AVERE Belgium
Bulgaria BAEPS
Finland EMF
France AVERE France
Germany BSM
Hungary EA
Netherlands Formule E-TEAM
Norway Norwegian EV Association
Poland PSPA
Romania AVER
Scotland EVA Scotland
Slovakia SEVA

& member events


EVS, the annual International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition, is organised by AVERE, EDTA and EVAAP, the three members of WEVA (World Electric Vehicle Association).The EVS series rotates between Europe, Asia and America. It all began in 1969 as an academic forum for global networking and the exchange of technical information.
Over these almost 50 years EVS has grown and developed into an event that is both academic with over 500 papers presented and business oriented with several thousand square meters of exposition, ride&drive, etc. 

AEC, the AVERE E-Mobility Conference is our European conference, a gathering where all aspects of e-mobility is covered: The latest topics from the leading academic authorities on EVs, discussion and information on new policies on EU level and in the different countries. And industry will share success stories, glimpses of the future and state of the art products. AEC is an excellent arena for networking and informal discussions with experts.


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