Five Electric Mobility Associations from Five Balkan Countries Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

During the Smart Cities and Mobility Forum in Sofia on 26 March, five Electric Mobility associations from five Balkan countries – The National Electric Vehicle Association of Serbia, The Association for Promoting Electric Vehicles of Romania (AVER Romania)The Hellenic Institute of Transport,  Electromobilnost Macedonia, and The Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association (BAEPS) – agreed to cooperate in their efforts to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in the region. 

The overall goal of the Memorandum of Understanding is to create a framework for improved cooperation among the different Associations with the goal of creating a regional space that is more than the sum of the respective national markets and thus able to attract investment, know-how and manufacturing capabilities from leading global companies, OEMs, operators of charging station infrastructure and mobility services.

The signatories agreed to  address all obstacles to electromobility in the region, to influence their respective governments and local authorities for reaching harmonization in the regulation of charging infrastructure, and to work together for the implementation of transborder charging infrastructure.

More information related to the MoU are available here.