EVS32 Will Put in the Spotlight 4 Key Topics for the Future of Electromobility

EVS32, the upcoming edition of the Electric Vehicle Symposium, is a key event for all actors in electromobility. Be it that you are a member of industry, a policymaker in the sector, an specialized academic or an association working towards a more sustainable future for transports, this is the must-attend event of this year to discover what the future  of electric transports holds.

The event will be joined by speakers of the highest caliber, like His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Gilles Norman, Senior Vice President  at Groupe Renault, Michal Kurtyka, Minister of Transport of Poland and Jon Georg Dale, Minister of Transport and Communications of Norway but also many more experts from industry, government and academia.

These personalities will all gather in one place to discuss the future of electromobility. AVERE has already identified four key trends that will define the debate for the years to come – EVS32 is the perfect starting point to learn about them, so that you can be prepared for the changes we are seeing in the global market.

The four key trends are:

1. More support to the industry to make mass electromobility a reality!How can governments help manufacturers in making electric transportation more accessible? How can consumers be persuaded of all the benefits of electric cars?

2. A zero-emission transport system!How fast can we deploy electric cars on a mass scale to reach this objective as soon as possible?

3. Mass demand for electric cars is coming!How can we make the technology more affordable? What roles have sustainable supplies and recycling of batteries?

4. Our cities will change to adapt to electric transports!How can all levels of government align to make electric transports more convenient for the users? How should our urban planning change?

At the event you will have the chance to discuss this topic in more depth, so that the next few years will never be a surprise for you.

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