Electric Vehicles Will Travel to EVS32 from All Over Europe to Show the Potential of Electromobility

EVS32, the largest global e-mobility trade fair, kicks off in a matter of days. There we will be able to see first-hand the latest breakthroughs in the technology behind electromobility. Industry has already achieved great strides, with electric transport being a viable, convenient and sustainable mobility solution today.

In order to prove this and to showcase the capabilities of EVs, two of our members plan to drive to Lyon with electric cars from all across Europe.

From the Netherlands, members of the Formula-E Team, our Dutch member, including the Municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the RVO and AutomotiveNL, who will be present at the event with a pavilion under the theme ‘Mission Zero’, will arrive at EVS32 with a caravan of electric vehicles.

Composed of at least fifteen vehicles, their electric journey to EVS32 will start on 18 and 19 May – 2 days to travel from Amsterdam to Eurexpo, Lyon. Their aim is to collect data from each car and to showcase how Holland is excelling in the electromobility sector.

From the East, AVERE’s Polish Member, PSPA – the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, has staged a ‘Zero Race’ – a zero emission race – for journalists from Warsaw to Lyon. 

Media representatives split in two teams will do a return trip of about 4 thousand km, spanning across 7 European countries. They will experience the electric journey for themselves and report on the real capacity of two electric SUVs and the status of ultra-fast charging stations along the way, as both teams compete to finish the journey in the shortest possible time. You can read more about the initiative here.

We look forward to welcome them all, and to welcome you, at EVS32 to see how we can go even further in making e-mobility a daily reality for all drivers in Europe and in the world.

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