NCE-FastEvNet Final Action Conference

March 26, 2019 @ 13:00 – 18:00
Square Brussels Convention Centre, Brussels
Julia Bircakova

The NCE-FastEvNet Action, part of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility program, is a study with integrated pilot implemented in Slovakia and Poland along the North Sea-Baltic, Baltic-Adriatic, Orient/East-Med and Rhine–Danube Core Network Corridors.

It has deployed 10 multi-standard fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in Slovakia and 75 in Poland, three of them including battery storage to cover peak demand. It worked to ensure  interoperability in terms of roaming and customer service management and is part of a global project which builds on several ongoing TEN-T actions in Eastern Europe.

The final conference of the Action will unveil the findings and results from 3 years of pioneering and studying electric vehicle mobility in Slovakia & Poland  and discuss solutions for present and future bottlenecks to the continued growth of electric mobility in Central and Eastern Europe.

The discussion will verge on:

– Past, present and future of electric mobility in CEE
– Business models in e-mobility
– Energy Grid, Energy Use and Distribution Tariffs
– Batteries, Energy Storage and EV Infrastructure


To register for the NCE-FastEvNet Final Action Conference please e-mail Mrs Julia Bircakova